Authele products are created by the intensive R&D activites to provide the most effective solutions. Dr.Choi Yoon-Soung, the Head of R&D of Authele, has the solid policy of "providing what is best for customer"

Profile & Achivement of Dr.Choi Yoonsoung

Chief of technology and product development of Authele Co., Ltd.

Ph.D. of engineering of biochemistry at the granduated university of Tokyo

Researching medicine of Acquired immune Deficiency Syndrome as well as other ralated research and published much paper on international magazine (jounal). After that, not only make himself master of his technique, but aspired to "My mission is developing a product which is able to help everyone and contribute to help share a dream and hope to everyone" and entered cosmetic business to make a most advanced product and send it all around the world.

To put knowledge of biochemistry and an enormous quantity of product development know-how to practical use, including research of "The consmetic that can activates the cell leads the skin beauty and makes healthy and beautiful hair." he is developing a technology which is nature-friendly ans gently effective on human body.

Also, take an action to spread accurate information about cosmetic that affect our health The book he wrote "Be careful! Your cosmetics."etc. Hokkaido university guest researcher. Japan society for the promotio of science special researcher.

About Authele's Patent Technology

With a dry type of indignation techique, we get a patent in a method of slowly rubbing and crushing collagen in a vacuum state of room temperature or less by computer con-trol.


There is no change in physical properties because there is no difference between existing micogrind-ing technology and pulverization method (dry type, wet type, synthetic nano manufacturing method), becausebecause heating and chemical treatment are not performed.

Benefits of nanoization

Improvement of absorption and penetration rate by nanoization.

Difficult point in existing nano-fabrication method

Because collagen is a delicate ingrdient, material properties change occurs in the existing production process.

Difference from existing manufacturing method

Product particle size: 30~600nm Automatic control

Component change due to heat and oxidation: Non

Nutrition destruction and loss: Non

Grinding are: food, ceramic, nonferrous metals and others are possible.